Demonstrating the value of DH/DL/DA projects in a tl;dr world

How do we better demonstrate the connection between institutions that support the efforts of digital humanities/digital libraries/digital archives (DH/DL/DA) projects, and the value of creating, contextualizing and preserving cultural and historic materials that become the source of easily-accessible digital content that these people use daily (e.g. Wikipedia, flickr, Pinterest) or form the backbone of TV and film documentaries, and popular TV genealogy shows like Faces of America and Who Do You Think You Are?

This was prompted by a news article published by a writer for Atlanta’s city’s arts and entertainment news weekly a few months ago, available here. It was shocking because the author was so ill-informed, and dead-set against funding an institution providing a service that would most likely benefit him in his line of work (as well as his personal interests).

Of course, advocacy and promotion are not new topics. What I am looking for are some guidelines with fresh ideas. Or just the ideas. I would love to hear about what others have to say.

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