Schedule & Etc.

A preliminary schedule with room locations is available here. We will have six sessions as you can see from the grid and we have six rooms available for each session time. We will work from this grid during our Scheduling Session which will run from 9:30 to 11:00 on Saturday morning.

Amanda French’s Digital Humanities Lecture will be on Friday March 9, 2012 at 4pm in the Special Collections Libraries Auditorium Room 271.

One of THATCamp’s signature events is Dork Shorts, where you get 2-3 minutes to give an “elevator speech” about your project. You can make fellow THATCampers (and those following along on Twitter) aware of your project and even find possible collaborators. We’ll probably start the Dork Shorts around 12:30 on Saturday, after everyone has had a chance to grab lunch. Sign up now to nab one of the earliest slots!

Since we don’t have a lot of time for the Dork Shorts, it’s best to keep things simple, but let one of the THATCamp Southeast organizers know if you need to load up a PowerPoint on the PC in the one of our MLC classrooms or have any other needs. Please take care of this by 12:15 on Saturday. Thanks!

THATCamp Documentary
We are posting this on behalf of Roger Whitson of Emory University. Roger will be attending TCSE.

THATCamp is looking to create a short piece that documents the history of THATCamp, interviews from participants, short footage from various THATCamps from around the world, and the issues surrounding developing and creating unconferences. In the spirit of THATCamp, we’d like to crowdsource part of the film, and get a good sense of different locations where THATCamps occur, different opinions about THATCamp as a phenomenon, different methods used to organize different Camps, etc.

Here are some ways you can contribute to THATCamp Documentary:

Interview yourself:

•Preferred length: 5 minutes
•Preferred device: Macintosh webcam.
•Submission via Vimeo ( or youtube ( Tag your videos with “thatcamp” and “documentary”
Some Questions (pick two or three to focus on)

•Do you consider yourself a THATCamp junkie?
•What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you at THATCamp?
•How has THATCamp changed your life?
•Bitch about THATCamp.
•Where were you when you first heard about THATCamp?
•At your first THATCamp, what was the biggest surprise?
•Who’s the weirdest person you met at THATCamp?
•Does THATCamp rely too much on Twitter?
•Describe the typical THATCamper.
•Think of your own question and answer it.
Interview another person.

•Same parameters and questions as above, but you interview someone else.
Get a short amount of footage from a real THATCamp that you attend.

•Length: 5 minutes
•Preferred device: iPhone
•Submission via vimeo or youtube as above.

•Intriguing or bizzare sessions.
•1 minute interviews with campers answering the question: “What does THATCamp mean to me?”
•Hacking sessions.
•Move from one session to another simultaneous one and record your experience.
•Montage/remix/hack/experiment: What does it mean to represent a THATCamp unconference on film?
**Please note that not every piece of footage submitted will make it into THATCamp Documentary. However, we will archive all footage sent to us on a website or in an outtakes video created alongside THATCamp Documentary.

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